Supporting Women, Midwives & Families to achieve positive birthing experiences.

Mums@Ryde is a group of mothers who have had or are having babies with the Ryde Midwifery Group Practice and are passionate about supporting the service. We all have our own backgrounds and birth experiences but all share an interest in helping other women to experience the midwifery care at Ryde.


Next Event:

Granny Smith Festival in October

Practice your smile and wave while marching, the Granny Smith Festival is on in Eastwood, every 3rd Saturday in October.

March with us and support the midwives who support you!

Ryde News:

15 November 2012 – 1000th Ryde baby Louis welcomed by all, including Northern District Times in this article

24 May 2012 – Mums@Ryde Fun Day reported in the Northern District Times

24 May 2012 – Mums@Ryde Fun Day reported in the Northern District Times

10 February 2011 – Mums@Ryde joins twitter revolution. Follow us using MumsAtRyde.

20 December 2010 – Home-grown MP spruiks Mums@Ryde

14 September 2010 – Ryde group’s website gets mother of a revamp

10 September 2010 – Website launch a wonderful party for all.

8 September 2010 – Mums in Ryde rally in support

1 July 2010 – NSW Gov to give all women their own midwife

2 June 2010 – WOW launches its own facebook page

Ryde Midwifery Group Practice offers women the opportunity to give birth assisted by a named midwife in a low-risk setting. Mums@Ryde believe that not all women need medical intervention in pregnancy and birth and women that are able to access the service get the best possible care from their own midwife.We believe that there are many women in the community who would really benefit from having their babies with Ryde who either do not know about the wonderful service or have concerns about medical procedures being carried out off-site. We want to share our experiences and encourage other women to birth with Ryde also.

Celebrating 10 years at Ryde!

Mums@Ryde is excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Ryde Midwifery Group Practice caring for the women and families of Ryde.

We have always been a passionate group at Ryde, and it was this passion which started the group practice all those years ago.  In consultation between the Mums@Ryde founder, Michelle Eroffeyef, our beloved midwives Anne Keely and Leonie Hewitt, some very passionate academic midwives including Professor Sally Tracy and Donna Hartz, and political support from John Watkins, the Ryde Midwifery Group Practice became the first publicly funded stand alone group practice in Australia.

We are proud to have been a part of their journey, and we are the grateful beneficiaries of their care.

We hope you can all come to help celebrate this important occasion.

RSVP to the Midwives on 9858 7549 for catering purposes.


Update on Ryde’s new birth space

Today (12th July), in a spirit of consultation, NSW Health has offered to leave the Ryde Midwifery Group Practice in its existing space instead of relocating them to a shiny, new but inadequate space.  Mums@Ryde are very happy with the outcome.

A new focus group will be established to consider where a new birth space could be built.  We will keep you posted on progress.

For now, we must say a big thank you to Victor Dominello (our local member) who has stood up for us, and to Jillian Skinner (Minister for Health) who has been prepared to listen and respect our views.  We must also say a huge thank you to everyone who spread the word supporting us.  We cannot be a voice alone, but only when we represent our community of families.


Mums@Ryde welcomes 1000th Ryde baby, Louis

Nicole Spargo gave birth to son Louis Anderson, who is the 1000th Ryde baby. We congratulate the Ryde Hospital midwives for their stupendous work over the years! Our heartiest congratulations also to the proud parents. Northen District Times published this article about this impressive feat.

Why does it matter where and how women give birth?

How often have you heard it said, “As long as my baby is healthy”.  While it is true that we all hope for a healthy baby, giving birth is much more than that.  As mothers we begin our selfless journey with statements like these.  But you don’t have to start sacrificing yourself for your baby at birth.  You can find maternity care which cares for you AND your baby.

One brave consumer, Bashi Hazard, has kindly shared her story with the NSW College of Midwives.  She and the College have given their consent for us to publish the story on our website.  It is one story, though often repeated, of how women can be let down by the system, and why it is vitally important that you choose the right care for you.  Ask all the questions you need and don’t be afraid to go elsewhere if it doesn’t feel right for you.

To read Bashi’s story, follow this link.  We encourage you to post your comments underneath so that we can all benefit from each other’s experiences.

Things to do around Ryde

From paintings to parks, to a punt and puffers – Ryde has plenty of low-cost ways to keep life interesting.  Here are some ways that Mums@Ryde enjoy spending time with their kids…

Mums@Ryde in Parliament

Thanks to Dominic Perrottet, the Ryde Midwifery Group Practice and Mums@Ryde received a mention in the NSW Parliament.  Here is an excerpt:

“On 28 September my wife, Helen, gave birth to our second daughter, Amelia Frances, through the maternity service at Ryde Hospital. It was a perfect birth—as perfect as births can be—through the support and care provided by the midwives at Ryde Hospital. The philosophy of the Ryde Midwifery Group Practice is to offer women the opportunity to give birth assisted by a named midwife in a low-risk setting. The group was acknowledged in 2004 as a leader in the provision of continuity of midwifery care within a primary health model to women without identified medical risk factors.


From my recent experience I can acknowledge them as the best in the business when it comes to support, preparation and post-natal care—in fact they are so good that they have their own fan page called Mums@Ryde,”

For the full report, click here to be taken to the Hansard Report.

Support our campaign for a Ryde Birth Centre

Mums@Ryde have decided that it is time to campaign for a new birth centre.  Women need to know that they can have the best outcome by being cared for by their own midwife in a supportive enviroment, and they need a new centre to encourage the growth of the new birthing philosophy gradually permeating our culture.

To get an idea of what we could have, our President visited the new birth centre at Townsville in October.  It is fabulous.  We now have a new webpage dedicated to our cause.  Visit it now!

We will need lots of help to campaign and fundraise.  If you’d like to have a new Birth Centre at Ryde, please email us and offer your services.